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Ai Terminator

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Game Overview

Ready to take on the ultimate challenge to save humanity from the Rise of the Machines?

In a world where AI bots have taken over, you and the selected few are humanity’s last hope.

As an Ai Terminator, your mission is to eliminate the bots and save humanity from extinction.

Blast your way through waves of enemies from both sides of the screen, and climb the leaderboard to show off your skills.

Join the fight against AI bots!

It’s addictive so you’ll come back for more.


Action, Adventure, Shooter

Release Date

May 13, 2023


AppBubba Games


Apple, IOS

Simple & Fun Games

Making IOS games is my hobby. It is challenging, frustrating and fun. 

Why the name AppBubba?

Well when I was in kindergarten I was asked what my name was so I replied “Bubba”, then they said, ” No, no, your real name” and I said, “That is my real name.”

They had to ring his mum to get my real name and when called by it I would not answer.  I only answered to Bubba so that is why the name is AppBubba Games. That seemed appropriate.

Enjoy the games and thank you for your support.

Join the fight against AI bots!
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